Manage My Videos is a software application that allows one to quickly access the videos that are normally spread across your computer, external memory sources as well as online videos (some videos are password protected, and may not allow the linking). 

 This application brings all of your videos into one folder, providing links to those videos, images of the video (an image of something on the video is sometimes all you need!), and documents to give you instant access to your information. 

 Since you can tag or describe attributes about each video it is easy to look across all of the videos and find the ones that match your criteria. A unique aspect of this application is that you can combine your criteria so that you can further define your matches.  This makes finding information so much cleaner and easier to use!

  • If allowed, one can copy a video directly into the program which will keep the video in one location, avoiding the scatter of videos across your computer.  If copying is not allowed, then linking will do the trick!  Links take you to the location of where the video is stored.
  • This entry links to a youtube video by Clint Seeley.  The clipped image of the video helps to remember what the video contains.
  • The lists of techniques, patterns, plans or specifics help identify the video and allows sorting for any of the keywords or combinations of key words listed using the bar below. 
  • Most important are notes about the video, to reminding one of what should be remembered about the video. 
  • Add Documents about the video, ie instructional files, pdf, etc.
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