May 2018 classes

Block 1


     Tuesday May 8, 2018  9 am to noon  central time

Block 2


      Thursday May 10, 2018  9 am to noon central time

Block 1    $30.00
Set Up (90 minutes) 
Setting up the program is an essential aspect for the program to run smoothly.  We will review all Set Up screens and how the set up information is entered into each screen.  We will look in-depth at how different pricing structures can be used, looking at some alternatives that you may not have considered.

 This class will include the following Set Up screens.

  • Quilt Pricing
  • Thread
  • Batting
  • Backing
  • Binding
  • Additional Services, Taxed and Non Taxed
  • Shopping List
  • Company Information
  • Disclaimers
  • Invoice Choices
  • Tax Rates
  • Trouble shooting

Customers (60 minutes)
Customers tracking is vital for business growth and you want to see who your customers are, where they are located…. Let the system track this information for you.  See how you can group and sort customers to keep your finger on the pulse of your business.

  • Customer entry
  • Use of all features of customer screen
  • Mailing and Shipping labels
  • Referral sources
  • Birthday/Anniversary
  • Print features
  • Sorted Lists
  • Blank Invoice worksheet
  • Troubleshooting

Designs (30 minutes)

  • Improve efficiency in your invoicing
  • Search for designs


​Eureka Documentation System

We will use a live on-line format so that questions can be answered as they come up and it will be similar to taking a class at a show. I encourage you to submit questions prior to class so that I can make sure to answer them during class.

You will receive written instructions on how to use the GoToMeeting format that will be used for class.

Class notes will be sent the day before class starts so you will have notes in front of you to ease the note taking process.

Class size will be limited to encourage more class participation. If your chosen class is sold out, send me an email with your full name and requested classes and you will placed on the waiting list and will be first in line for subsequent class offerings. Since I am in charge, we can add classes as needed!

Cancellation up to 24 hours prior to the class, after that cutoff you are free to choose another time to take the class as they become available. 

We will be using the 5.0 version of the software in class. 

Thank you so much for considering taking these classes and for your ongoing support of the software!

Block 2   $30.00

This block will delve into the day to day aspects of the program. Making sure you understand why each element of the invoice is important and what you can do with this information is amazing.  It isn’t just about tax time, but how this vital paperwork can be used to further enhance your business.  The many financial reports are designed to offer you a variety of looks at the data of your business.  Learn how to enter supplies and expenses in alignment with your Schedule C for tax time.  Look at how the system pulls information for each type of report.  See where you are spending money and where you are making money!

Invoicing (60 minutes)

  • Sales/ Invoice Screen
  • Invoice Choices
  • Combining invoices
  • Invoice per quilt number
  • Searching quilts
  • Troubleshooting

Work Log / Waiting List (30 minutes)

  • Using the work log to sort for the quilts in your studio.
  • Use the waiting list as a to do calendar in addition to quilting information

Financials (90 minutes)

  • Supplies/ Expenses 
  • Inventory
  • All Financial reports

The 2 classes, Block 1 and Block 2,  will be taught in 3 hour blocks of time on different days, morning or evening. You can mix the days if needed.  Each class block (Block 1 or Block 2) is $30.00 and is purchased separately. You do not have to take both classes, but the material in Block 1 makes understanding Block 2 that much better! 

Class Offerings:

Class Format